Derek Dietrich Notably Absent From Reds 60-Man Camp Player Pool

Derek Dietrich
The Cincinnati Reds have left Derek Dietrich off the team's initial 2020 roster. | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

MLB teams are revealing their rosters for the 2020 season and that includes both an active group and another set of players who form the "taxi squad." Teams have up to 60 spots available and that means there is room for both veterans and younger talent on these expanded rosters.

That is why it was shocking to go through the Cincinnati Reds' entire list and see Derek Dietrich's name missing.

This is a bit odd, to say the least. Dietrich was a 1.0 WAR player for the Reds last season and was back on a minor-league deal in 2020. The thought of him not being good enough to even have a reserve spot is concerning. This immediately raises questions about his current status within the organization. Of course, three spots are left open, so Dietrich could still be added.

Yet his absence is not the only eyebrow-raising aspect of the roster. Young slugger Aristides Aquino was also left off the active squad, but will still be on the taxi squad.

Aquino went wild in 2019 with 19 home runs in 56 games, but apparently didn't do enough to be considered among the best 35 players available. Unless the Reds just don't want to rush him into action during a shortened season, it doesn't make a ton of sense.

At least Aquino made the roster in general. Dietrich's status should be among the first things asked by the media when those in charge in Cincinnati explain the decisions made on the roster.