Deontay Wilder Takes Comical Shot at Tyson Fury's Punching Power

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will fight a highly-anticipated rematch on Feb. 22 in Las Vegas | RINGO CHIU/Getty Images

The contrasting styles of master technician Tyson Fury and knockout artist Deontay Wilder will once again be on display in the pair's big-time rematch next moth. Of the two heavyweights titans, it's Wilder who has a 10-9 lead in the trash-talking department in the lead-up to the fight, though Fury has certainly been putting forth a spirited effort.

Wilder ripped Fury's punching power (or lack thereof?) thi sweek, saying that the Gypsy King has "pillows as fists."

We might not be witnessing Muhammad Ali levels of trash talk, but it gets the job done.

Fury might not have the historically powerful hands of stone Wilder has, nor does he base his style of boxing style on waiting around to heave a single, decisive blow, but that doesn't mean he's not capable of showing off some knockout power. For his career, 20 of his 29 wins have come via KO.

Wilder's style, however, is indeed centered around that trademark power; he's content to fall behind on the scorecards as a bout rolls on and he waits patiently for his shot. Fury wants to make you sweat and earn every single point in every single round through incredible dexterity and speed, so while Wilder might be right in that he is clearly the physically stronger hitter, he should start sweating if the "pillow-handed" Fury doesn't get laid out on the canvas early.