Davidson and UNC Charlotte Are Competing for a Trophy That Basically Looks Like a Turd

Davidson and UNC Charlotte battle for quite the trophy.
Davidson and UNC Charlotte battle for quite the trophy. /

College sports are full of rivalries with unique names and even more ridiculous trophies.

The battle between Davidson and UNC Charlotte is no exception. The teams battle for a trophy that is designed to look like a hornets' nest. Instead, it more closely resembles a giant turd.

This is a trophy not many would be itching to hoist after a big win, but for these two teams, lifting the turd-like silverware is a massive honor.

Just look how excited the players are to hold the beautifully-designed trophy.

The rivalry game dates back to the 1970s and is a big deal for both programs. The problem is that the trophy is in major need of an upgrade. You can't recruit players with the idea of winning a trophy that looks like a giant pile of crap... or can you?

Social media attention could lead the trophy to be changed, or, more likely, the programs will simply embrace its odd design. This truly may be one of the most unique trophies in all of college sports.