David Price's Comments on Paying Minor Leaguers Proves We Need More MLB Players Like Him

Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander David Price
Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander David Price / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Los Angeles Dodgers starter David Price threw LA's minor leaguers a bone while the billionaires in the luxury boxes twiddle their thumbs, as he gave every Dodger minor leaguer $1,000 during the month of June, while the coronavirus pandemic robbed minor leaguers of their chance to earn their pay on the field.

Price claimed that the main reason that he chose to donate such a large sum of money was the fact that the impact of the minor leagues is being trivialized during the larger discussion of the moment. For someone who changed for the better as a player and a person while in the minors, that hit Price hard.

Price should be commended for being so altruistic, but in a league in which 30 multi-millionaires and billionaires own teams, those in charge should be picking up the bill generated by minor league players.

Instead, several teams decided to cut a large chunk of minor league players as a way to save money amid the coronavirus pandemic in a particularly disgraceful move.

Minor League Baseball is not just some irrelevant coagulation of leagues that help 1,000 people in Biloxi, Mississippi see some live baseball. It's the backbone of most MLB franchises, as it helps train the next generation of MLB stars. The fact that minor leaguers are being treated like dirt when it comes to pay and respect around the league is a disgrace.