Darren Waller retirement rumors continue to fly for the New York Giants

It's looking likely Waller will hang up his cleats
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For a while now, it has been totally up in the air if Darren Waller will return to the New York Giants next season or not. Waller, a former Pro Bowler, has said he's not 100 percent set on playing, but that he's also yet to make a decision.

Well, with the Giants taking Penn State tight end Theo Johnson in the fourth round of the NFL Draft, fans think the writing is on the wall here. At this point, it would be a bit of a stunner if Waller does return to NY for the 2024 season.

When the Giants traded for Waller last offseason, the hope was that he could not only be a top pass-catching option for Daniel Jones, but that he could stay healthy. Neither of those two wishes came to fruition and it's now looking like Waller could be one and done with the team.