Dana White Unveils BMF Belt Ahead of Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal's UFC 244 Bout

SHENZHEN, CHINA - AUGUST 31:  UFC President Dana White attends the press conference after the UFC Fight Night event at Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre on August 31, 2019 in Shenzhen, China.  (Photo by Zhe Ji/Getty Images)
Zhe Ji/Getty Images

Saturday night is going to be must-see TV if you're an MMA fan. Madison Square Garden will host UFC 244, featuring some major match-ups such as Derrick Lewis vs Blagov Ivanov and Kelvin Gastelum vs Darren Till.

But the fight that everyone is most looking forward to is between legend Nate Diaz and the formidable foe, Jorge Masvidal, for the welterweight belt.

Speaking of the belt, you might be wondering what exactly it will look like. Thankfully, UFC commissioner Dana White has answered this question by revealing the BMF belt at a press conference on Friday.

Wow, it looks awesome! It's absolutely enormous with some NSFW language embedded on it that creates even more hype for this matchup in case you weren't already pumped enough. Here's a closer look at the belt.

It's unknown if Diaz or Masvidal have seen the belt yet. But if they have, there's no way they're not envisioning it around their waist before going to sleep Friday night.