Dana White Acquiring a Private Island to Host UFC Fights is Utterly Insane

UFC's Dana White
UFC's Dana White / Yifan Ding/Getty Images

The apocalypse is evidently now, and the days of Fight Island are upon us.

Dana White's been particularly bullish about the prospect of future UFC fights, and now we know why. White told TMZ that he's acquiring a private island to host the events, which apparently includes UFC 249.

We'll be grateful for the entertainment and will cover every bout for you, but can we just pause to say how utterly insane this is? Sports will go on, at some juncture, but buying a private island doesn't ensure athletes won't transfer the COVID-19 virus in everyday life. There's a reason for travel restrictions, and buying a private island doesn't remove the danger aspect from the equation.

If anything, it speaks to the efforts of a man blinded by money.

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

UFC is a rapidly-growing sport, and it makes financial sense to take advantage of the current lull to rake in cash. This, of course, doesn't take the health of athletes into account, as much as White will try and twist such an arrangement as full-proof and safe.