Dana White Keeping UFC Operating Because Donald Trump Told Him to is Weak Leadership

Dana White is keeping UFC running because Trump told him to
Dana White is keeping UFC running because Trump told him to / Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

The UFC is the only major American sports league that's still in season and operating in a semi-normal capacity amid the coronavirus pandemic. While Dana White announced UFC Brasilia will take place behind closed doors, he's expecting future UFC events to continue as scheduled.

White claims he came to this decision after talking with President Donald Trump, who is a close friend of his.


Ah yes, Donald Trump, a man with no medical background who has been criticized for how he's handing the coronavirus on a macro scale. He'll know what to do.

White's remarks come across as incredibly backwards and unthinkably weak. How in the world are you going to keep an INTERNATIONAL sporting event ongoing when pretty much every league in every other country has suspended operations? Does he not know how absurd that is?

Yeah, it stinks that all major sports are currently on ice right now. You what would be even worse? This pandemic spreading to thousands of other people at a major sporting event. White is the only commissioner/president of a major sports league that has not come to that conclusion, and this could be a major stain on his resume.