Dan Orlovsky Got Bodybagged by Damian Lillard on Twitter Because He Decided to Weigh in on the NBA

Damian Lillard went for Dan Orlovsky's juggular
Damian Lillard went for Dan Orlovsky's juggular

Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard raised concerns about the NBA potentially either skipping right to the playoffs or changing the playoff format in their post-coronavirus restart. Lillard has mentioned that he might sit out if the NBA is considering going through with what he thinks is an unfair format. ESPN talking head and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky took a shot at him, calling Lillard a "spoiled and entitled brat."

Lillard fought back with another barb at Orlovsky's less-than-legendary football, where he was backup and spot starter on some awful Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts teams. Lillard claimed that Orlovsky "sat out his whole career."

Shots are, indeed, fired.

Orlovsky actually comes off as the more spoiled and entitled one, as he is demanding that Lillard play in a meaningless game for his own amusement. When you also consider Orlovsky mentioned Lillard by name, it's no wonder the Blazers star was so combative.

Lillard clearly felt that Orlovsky's pointed commentary was personal. It's not hard to see why he felt that way. At least NBA fans won't have to worry about seeing Orlovsky on NBA Countdown after this debacle.