VIDEO: Damian Lillard Repeatedly Toasted the Heat to Lead Blazers to Crucial Home Victory

Damian Lillard led the Portland Trail Blazers to a much-needed win over the Miami Heat.

The Portland Trail Blazers were the victims of an all-time bad call Friday night in Utah. Damian Lillard didn't hold back in his criticism of the officials, and bounced back Sunday night with a huge 33-point performance in a game that keeps his team in the playoff hunt as the All-Star break nears. The Miami Heat defense had no answers for his unstoppable shots.

His speed off the dribble allows him to blow by defenders, and the above and-one was an example of how there is no chance to stop him once he gets past a defender. The only hope is that he misses the shot after a foul.

What really sets Lillard apart from the rest of his counterparts is the ability to knock shots down from well beyond the 3-point line. He did it again Sunday night.

This man is on a mission.

Talk about an impossible guy to defend. If he is left open from near the half-court logo, he is capable of hitting a shot. If a defender presses him, he can just go right past.

Lillard is averaging right under 30 points per game this season, and that is the main reason why his Blazers are inching up near that No. 8 seed after a slow start to the year.