D'Eriq King Transfer is a Brutal Look for Dana Holgorsen

Houston head coach Dana Holgorsen
Houston head coach Dana Holgorsen / Bob Levey/Getty Images

Dana Holgorsen and the Houston Cougars will be in the market for a new quarterback, as Heisman caliber playmaker D'Eriq King announced that he was transferring to Miami rather than continue playing under the former West Virginia coach.

Holgorsen's reputation as an offensive savant, and frankly his reputation as a good coach, just took a massive blow with King's decision to move to South Beach.

Holgorsen tried to make King a seven step drop, downfield thrower, which is not his game. No wonder King wanted to get on the first flight out of Houston.

The fact that King got fed up with Holgorsen almost immediately among a host of Houston transfers certainly doesn't help matters either. The cherry on top was this tweet, sent the day King said he would transfer.

I'm sure the locker room loved that, even if it involved recruiting rather than King's departure.

While Holgorsen is floundering and trying to patch up the holes in his proverbial ship before it sinks in Houston, Neal Brown is struggling mightily in Morgantown. This is a rare coaching swap where both the Group of 5 and Power 5 team get screwed.