Cubs Twitter is Ripping MLB Insider Joel Sherman for Terrible Trade Proposal With Phillies

The Chicago Cubs might be one of the more active teams this offseason, as buzz has suggested they're looking to shake up the roster a bit, but you can bet Theo Epstein has never even had this scenario cross his mind, even while he was three sheets to the wind.

MLB insider Joel Sherman is the unlucky pundit today getting crushed on Twitter for proposing this deal between the Cubbies and Philadelphia Phillies, and we must agree it's pretty darn bad.

Excuse us? What are we missing here? Are the Cubs so desperate to shed salary that they're going to get rid of two of their most productive players from last season for ... a bad outfielder and another shortstop? You're telling us replacing Heyward with Bruce is going to do anything positive aside from add a few home runs? And is Jean Segura supposed to play on top of Javy Baez's shoulders? That would bring a whole new meaning to the nickname "El Mago." They're not giving two years of Kris Bryant away for this!

You can see in the fine print at the bottom that the Phillies would throw in three prospects, but that's still not even worth it. Let's not forget Philly gouged their farm system to acquire Segura and JT Realmuto, in addition to losing draft picks for signing Jake Arrieta and Bryce Harper. They have one of the weakest farm systems in MLB, with Baseball America ranking them 23rd.

Needless to say, fans had some fun with this one.

Why not?!

Ah, the classic Billy Madison reference.

We wouldn't want to be Joel Sherman's mentions right now...