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Cubs Reliever Pedro Strop's Forearms Are Massive in Latest Instagram Post

Cubs reliever Pedro Strop's forearms are absolutely massive.
Cubs reliever Pedro Strop's forearms are absolutely massive.

You ever get done with a gym workout and feel that you're on the top of the world, with your confidence at an all-time high?

Well, just be sure that you're not following Chicago Cubs reliever Pedro Strop's official Instagram account. Why? Just take a look at the size of his forearms in his latest post.

We told you. Sorry to bring you back down to Earth.

Strop made his return from the 10-day injured list on Aug. 6 after experiencing tightness in his neck. With Craig Kimbrel dealing with knee issues, Strop became Chicago's de facto closer, and this past Sunday, he earned the save against the Cincinnati Reds, recording 1 strikeout and 1 walk.

In 2019, Strop has a 2-4 record along with 10 saves (out of 16 opportunities), plus a 4.85 ERA and 1.15 WHIP.

Could his gigantic forearms be the catalyst for his recent success after his return from the IL? Rest assured there are plenty that will be clamoring for some gym tips from Strop.

Until then, it's time for those envious individuals to do their own research on some new exercises and maybe invest in another whey protein.