Cubs Should Use Jose Quintana Injury as Opportunity to Call up Clear Prospect Omission From 60-Man Player Pool

Chicago Cubs left hander Jose Quintana
Chicago Cubs left hander Jose Quintana / Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs might need to dig deep into their minor leagues to replace Jose Quintana, as the once promising left-hander is now potentially in danger of missing out on the MLB season's restart in late July.

Quintana might not join the team right away, as he sliced his left thumb open while washing dishes at his Miami home.

Quintana's roster spot on the 60-man pool might open up with this injury, and the only logical choice to replace him is promising right-hander Ryan Jensen.

Jensen was taken in the first round of the 2019 MLB Draft out of Fresno State, and the expectation was that he wouldn't spend a lot of time in the minor leagues. Given his explosive upper 90s fastball, wipeout breaking ball, and exceptional command, it's easy to see why there's so much hype around him.

We've seen plenty of young hurlers breeze through the minor leagues and help contending teams in the playoffs, as former Tampa Bay Rays hurler David Price showed in 2008, and Jensen might just have a similar impact.

Even if the Cubs don't plan on using him at the first sign of trouble, the former Bulldog should be at least considered for a promotion straight to the majors.