Cubs Pitcher Jose Quintana is Hanging Out With Tom Brady for Some Reason

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jose Quintana posted a photo with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady on his Instagram story, and we have so many questions. We don't even understand how these two know each other, much less why they're hanging out in the middle of a pandemic.

Bringing back sports has proven to be incredibly risky, and after everything that the MLB has been through with negotiating the 2020 season, Quintana is breaking social distancing guidelines with mere days until he's scheduled to report to the second stint of spring training.

It would be weird for these two to hang out, even under normal circumstances. They play sports in different cities, not to mention the 12-year age gap between them. The coronavirus just adds another layer of strangeness to the situation.

Florida, where the two presumably met up, has become a new epicenter of the virus in the United States after cases spiked due to premature reopening.

On top of all that, the photo is also super awkward. Is it just us, or does Brady's head look massive compared to Quintana's in this shot?

Anybody know what prompted the hangout between these two?