Cubs Were Way Too Nice in Parting Statement About Addison Russell

Addison Russell
Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs | Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs no longer had a starting spot for shortstop Addison Russell, who was suspended due to the findings of an MLB domestic violence investigation. Still, that didn't stop Theo Epstein from being unnecessarily complimentary of Russell and giving him one last pat on the back as he showed him the door.

Epstein talked about Russell's self improvement and the "growth" he's shown as a person.

Of all the people to get the grand send off from Epstein, it's the underperforming shortstop that at no point in his career was a league average hitter according to OPS+?

The best way to end the Russell era in Chicago is to wash your hands of the whole affair and start anew at the position, not go out of your way to compliment one of the Cubs' biggest distractions last year.

Especially near the un-sanctimonious end of the Russell era, there were very few positives for the Cubs to hang their hats on. Epstein's loving obituary for Russell's tenure as a Cub comes off as poorly timed.