You can imagine that Cavan Biggio was pumped and emotional when he was told that he was getting called up to the big leagues for the Toronto Blue Jays. This is something he's been dreaming of his whole life, and being the son of a Hall of Famer I'm sure only fueled that fire.

Some of the best stories you hear about these players getting the news is when they tell their parents. Cavan gave his father, Craig, a call to let him know about the call up under the perfect circumstances. The elder Biggio was on his way to see his son play at Triple-A, but Cavan advised him to change that flight to Toronto, because that's where he'd be instead.

Of course, nothing beats Cavan calling his mother, Patty.

Who else can imagine their mom at the grocery store getting the news and freaking out and screaming with excitement? I sure can.

This is a big moment for the entire Biggio family, and something they'll never forget. You can bet that both of his parents will always remember the phone call they received when their son told them he was headed to the big leagues.

Even if it involved some flight rerouting.