Terrell Owens Goes After Jerry Jones on Twitter for Keeping Jason Garrett Around After Loss to Jets

Football Twitter has been eating Jason Garrett alive in the wake of the Dallas Cowboys' humiliating loss to the previously winless New York Jets on Sunday, and rightfully so.

The 58-year-old coach is in the midst of a three-game losing streak, and that slide is practically forcing keyboard huggers to revive the fact that he's won just two playoff games since taking over the reins back in 2010, and has seen his unmotivated team crater into massive holes the past two weeks.

Well, Terrell Owens, an ever-present voice on Twitter, was one of those very individuals this Sunday, as the Hall of Fame wideout laid into Jerry Jones' irrational tendency to keep the faith in Garrett over the years.

It's often hard to agree with the outspoken Owens, but he's simply spot on here...in his own bizarre way. If plays are so predictable TO can call them from home, then why are they being called?

We know that the Cowboys are presently snake-bitten at the WR position and we know that Jason Witten is old reliable, but to turn to the 37-year-old tight end in crunch time on TWO separate occasions is a big time head-scratcher.

As Owens states, Dallas' offense was far too predictable and tame when it needed to be anything but on Sunday. That's every bit on Garrett as it is on first-year offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. However, Owens wasn't quite finished done lambasting the Cowboys HC.

Owens isn't the first, and he certainly won't be the last, to be calling for Garrett's job as the season wears on. And it would seriously behoove Jerry Jones to thoroughly analyze the cries of pundits, fans, and the disgruntled receiver that he once employed.