Cowboys Should Explore Aaron Rodgers Trade Now if Dak Prescott Report is True

Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dak Prescott contract negotiations have gone on so long, with so little apparent progress being made, that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should at least consider trading for a future Hall of Famer at quarterback if their current gunslinger is unable to fit within his price range.

In a report by Chris Simms (that has since been called incorrect by Ian Rapoport), Prescott was said to have turned down a five-year, $175 million deal from the Cowboys. But regardess of the validity of these particular parameters, it's clear Dallas has been unwilling to shorten their contract offers and appeal to Prescott's demands.

If Prescott is indeed unwilling to adjust his price, Mike McCarthy might need to swing for an Aaron Rodgers trade.

Rodgers already acknowledged Jordan Love is the future of the Green Bay Packers, so he could play his final years elsewhere. There aren't many better places to be which also have the means to pay him, a ton of weapons on offense, and an aggressive mindset that will always try to get him new help in the offseason.

It would cost a ton of draft picks, but that move might hamper the franchise less than giving Prescott the world in his next deal.

Rodgers with the star on the side of his helmet would be a truly puzzling sight to see, but the Cowboys need to keep that door somewhat open just in case contract negotiations with Prescott get contentious.