Cowboys Offer Dak Prescott Massive New Contract According to DMN

Dak Prescott is headed for an earth-shattering payday.
Dak Prescott is headed for an earth-shattering payday. / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It seems as though there's more to Dak Prescott's monster contract offer than first thought.

According to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Cowboys' offer to Dak Prescott may actually be one of the richest deals in NFL history.

Initial reports revealed that Prescott received an offer with an annual payout of $33 million per year and $105 million in guaranteed money.

But what was left out of those reports was that this is a new deal, not an extension. That means that whatever he signs for is the actual total of the contract rather than its value plus the value of his previous one.

The raw $33 million per deal would become a new NFL record.

That also means that if he ends up signing the contract, which he most definitely should, it would reshape both the market for quarterbacks and for all players across the league.

Prescott is coming upon a crossroads for both him and the NFL. Whether he chooses to accept the Cowboys' deal or opts to search for more in free agency will forever impact the future of the league.