Cowboys Flirting With Jalen Hurts Should Offend Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with QB Dak Prescott | Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Dak Prescott has done all he can to prove himself, being named to two Pro Bowls in four years as the starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys. He's coming off his most impressive season statistically, as he missed out on 5,000 yards passing by a narrow margin.

So why isn't Jerry Jones sold?

That much remains a mystery. Jones says all the right things publicly about wanting to sign Prescott long-term, but until the ink is dry we're right to doubt him. Meeting with NFL Draft prospect Jalen Hurts doesn't help matters, either.

Hurt is likely to be taken in the second or third round of 2020's showcase, and while it's natural for Jones to do his homework, it makes no sense for the Cowboys to select a QB that high when he's fully committed to Prescott. In fact, the Cowboys actively posting such a video lends itself to the idea they're not fully sold on Dak.

Hurts is similar to Prescott as a prospect, with the ability to run and some raw passing skills that need just a little tweaking. The Oklahoma product has a solid deep ball but struggles in the intermediate passing game. While he'd represent a step back from Prescott at this juncture, coaches and GMs fall in love with Hurts, and that could very well be happening here with Jones.

Drafting Hurts to eventually let Prescott walk would be risky, but it does theoretically open up more cap room long-term. As any GM will tell you, it's much easier to win a Super Bowl with a QB outperforming a rookie deal, rather than after he's paid the money he deserves. It's an unfortunate fact, but the logistics pan out.

Dallas making their meeting with Hurts public might be nothing, but if we've learned anything from Jerry Jones, nothing is at is seems.