Cowboys Fans Should Be Sick of Hearing the Same Old Nonsense Updates on Dak Prescott

There are still more Dak Prescott updates coming from the Cowboys front office
There are still more Dak Prescott updates coming from the Cowboys front office / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott both want to get a contract extension done, but neither party has taken the initiative in hammering out the specifics of it. Instead, all Cowboy fans have heard on the Dak front is random leaks to the media about how great Dak is and how the team is still trying to work out a contract offer for him.

When will it end? Why don't you kiss already instead of talking him to death?

Prescott set new personal bests in passing yards, yards per attempt, and touchdown passes in his first year under offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. While paying him in excess if $30 million is going to make Jerry Jones' check-writing hand a bit stiff, that shouldn't prevent the two parties from finally reaching the inevitable deal they both seem destined to agree upon.

Anything would be better than constantly hearing how great Dak is without any talk of a contract.

Prescott is still the overwhelming favorite to be the Cowboys starting quarterback in 2020, and everything from both his camp and the Cowboys organization has indicated that they want to join forces once again next season.

However, with the financials still in a state of disarray, it appears we're in for 35 more updates about how awesome Dak is and how they want to get a contract signed before we get anything close to a deal on the table.