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Cowboys Fans Stir the Pot After Random Man Seen on Rooftop at Dallas Practice Before Patriots Game

Leave it to Cowboys fans to promote the latest conspiracy before their matchup with the Patriots this Sunday. Either that, or they've found a clever way to rile up Pats Nation.

Calvin Watkins, the Cowboys reporter for the Dallas Morning News, tweeted a photo of a random man watching Dallas' practice from a nearby roof next to their practice facility.

Cowboys fans, of course, took to the replies to get their point across.

And we have a clear winner. Surely this is not the doing of Belichick, but the Patriots...checkered history with the NFL rulebook leads fans to speculate, and then some.

Trolling or not, Patriots fans were bound to take notice of Cowboys supporters getting after their future Hall of Fame head coach.

So many puns, so little time.

Hmm...this seems like a more likely explanation. If the Patriots were actually taping the Cowboys' practice, that man wouldn't have been in plain sight. Trust us.