VIDEO: Cowboys' Cedrick Wilson Gets Called for Ridiculous OPI on Clear Jason Witten TD

We're not sure what the referees saw here. It almost seemed like they desperately wanted to see a pick play, mentally formulated a pick play, and then called one. Jason Witten appeared to haul in a third-down TD, but saw it nullified seconds later when the referees whistled Cedrick Wilson for a feather touch pass interference penalty.

A feckless play followed, and Big D was forced to settle for three points only.

In the second half, the Cowboys have functioned far better on offense, and a Sam Darnold disaster pick in the red zone helped fuel a clear comeback bid, which is to say...those four points might've helped.

They can still persevere here, but it might've been simpler if the referees hadn't ganged up to take well-deserved points off the board.

Oh, and no, challenging PI doesn't work. In case you still thought that would affect outcomes this year.