This Cowboys-Browns Trade for David Njoku Could Actually Work Following His Trade Demand

Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku
Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku / Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns went from having no tight ends to having too many tight ends after signing Austin Hooper, and the odd man out might be former first-round pick David Njoku.

After the Browns signed Hooper to a four-year contract and drafted FAU star Harrison Bryant in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Njoku reaffirmed his desire to be traded in search of more playing time. Given his age and potential, he will have no shortage of suitors.

The Dallas Cowboys should be interested in Njoku, as Blake Jarwin isn't a viable No. 1 tight end in an offense that likes to spread the ball out and throw it as much as the Cowboys do.

Njoku would only require a third-round pick, as his injury last year took a major bIte out of his value. This is a worthwhile gamble for the Cowboys to take, as Njoku's ability to glide down the field, outmuscle defensive backs, and block at an above-average level in the run game give him legit TE1 potential.

The injury questions are valid, but Njoku is a premium athlete who still has two years left on his rookie contract. His volume would increase in Kellen Moore's pass-happy offense.

Njoku still has tons of untapped star potential, even if his time in Cleveland did little to accentuate his talents. For a third-round pick, the Njoku rehabilitation project could be kicked into overdrive in Dallas.