Conor McGregor Accepts Wild Challenge From Anderson Silva and We're All for it

Conor McGregor could fight Anderson Silva next
Conor McGregor could fight Anderson Silva next / Steve Marcus/Getty Images

UFC stars young and old appear destined to finally duke it out in the octagon, as Anderson Silva challenged Conor McGregor to a brawl for the ages.

Silva called for McGregor to get in the ring with him at 176 pounds, and the Irish superstar accepted the challenge. Get your popcorn ready, folks.

This announcement comes just days after McGregor claimed that Silva remains the UFC's "GOAT", although he did qualify that statement by suggesting it is entirely possible he takes that title away from him.

This fight still has a lot of hoops that it will have to jump through to see the light of day. Silva is 45 and has lost four of his last five bouts, so even getting him in the ring could be a challenge. McGregor taking this fight instead of a Khabib rematch or a Justin Gaethje duel might also cause Dana White to bristle just a little.

Even if Silva is past his prime, seeing one of UFC's first true superstars going up against the biggest PPV draw in the history of the sport would still make for one of the best main cards we've ever seen.