Collin Sexton Claims Media Blew John Beilein's Comments Out of Proportion

Collin Sexton has got his Coach's back.
Collin Sexton has got his Coach's back. / Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland Cavaliers coach John Beilein has gotten backlash for some racially-charged language he used during a film session a few days ago. After apologizing and explaining the mishap to the media, Collin Sexton defended his coach.

Sexton explained that his coach constantly calls his team slugs when they play slow, so he knew exactly what the second-year coach meant when he called them "thugs".

However, not everybody bought the apology Beilein gave his players and the media.

Former NBA players Chauncey Billups and Kendrick Perkins on "The Jump" shared that they did not fully believe in the apology, thinking it was just a cover up from the backlash.

However, some former NBA players are taking it in a different direction. NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal stated on NBA on TNT that he believes that if the players need an apology for something as small as this, then they will never win in this league.

While Shaq makes a good point, coach Beilein should still choose his words more carefully moving forward. Losing the locker room is a huge issue, and leads to coaches being fired.