Here's your feel-good sports story of the day.

When three college-aged Boston Red Sox fans wound up with an extra ticket to Tuesday's game at Fenway Park, they didn't try to sell it. Instead, they found a homeless man and invited him to watch the game.

It's good to see college kids showing this impressive and unprompted display of humanity.

The man, named John, was apparently enthralled and excited to take in his first live Red Sox game, and although the Sox lost 10-4 to the Blue Jays, it was a great experience for all involved.

Hopefully, the story doesn't end here and we hear about John or these students again in a positive light. The magic of Twitter is that it can bring exposure to things that otherwise would never get it, and it can bring a positive change to people's lives.

We shall see if that possibility comes to fruition after this story.