VIDEO: Colin Cowherd Delivers Wild Drew Lock-Broncos Take That'll Make Every Chiefs Fan Furious

Colin Cowherd delivered a bold claim about Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos.
Colin Cowherd delivered a bold claim about Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos.

The Drew Lock hype is real this offseason. The Denver Broncos quarterback only made five starts as a rookie, but that hasn't stopped more than a few of those in the media from treating him like the second coming of Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West. Leave it to Colin Cowherd to jump on that bandwagon and make the boldest of all the claims -- he hyped up Lock in his own special way and went as far as saying the Broncos could win the division over Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Claims like this are nothing new for Cowherd. Lock has barely played, and while he could end up being great, putting him in the MVP conversation is a bit much for someone with five NFL starts. All the same, Cowherd did mention a recent ESPN "re-draft" list that also treats Lock as one of the most valued players in the league for the long haul.

The list has the Broncos taking Lock 15th overall in a hypothetical redraft if all NFL players were available and there were no salary cap restrictions. That means Cowherd is not alone in boosting up the former Missouri, but this has to have Chiefs fans either laughing or seething after the team just won the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are the favorite to repeat as champs; losing the division to the upstart Broncos has to come off as a joke at this point in time.

Cowherd could end up being right about Lock. But Chiefs fans are not going to hear it after how dominant the team was in 2019.