Clint Frazier Wore the Most 'Clint Frazier' Jersey Ever on Yankees' NFL Road Trip

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

I think someone's still a little unhappy about staying at Triple-A for so long.

Clint Frazier was one of the many Yankees sporting NFL jerseys on their trip to Boston in honor of the NFL season beginning this weekend.

His jersey choice was maybe a little reminiscent of drama among teammates. You might want to judge for yourself.

The Yankees have had quite a deep roster this season, but you also probably know that some of their biggest stars have been out this year.

Frazier was a part of the big return the Yankees got for Andrew Miller back in 2016, and seemed to be a budding star in the organization until injuries held him back. He has played a lot more this year, but in the minors.

As a matter of fact, even though Frazier is playing for the Major League club right now, his Twitter page still says Scranton Railriders.

That's not to say we should read into that, but if we're reading into the Antonio Brown thing, which does seem suspicious in the first place, then Frazier may be a little perturbed about being kept at Triple-A Scranton for so long.