Cleveland Indians Receive Positive Update on Carlos Carrasco's Cancer Diagnosis

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The devastating news that Carlos Carrasco is battling leukemia may have more hope to it than initially thought.

Carrasco was diagnosed chronic myeloid leukemia, a treatable form of the disease. The Cleveland Indians starter has been cleared to resume his strength and conditioning programs as well as his throwing activities.

There’s still no timetable for when he’ll return, but it’s nonetheless fantastic news in his battle with an otherwise horrible disease.

Carrasco was first hospitalized with what was believed to be a blood condition back in the beginning of June. Recent news that he was fighting cancer brought an outpouring of support from fans and players alike from all over the baseball world.

Other players such as Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo have had to battle cancer in the past, so hopefully their success in defeating their respective forms of the disease can serve as a point of inspiration in Carrasco’s recovery.

Everyone is pulling for Carrasco, and this recent development in his case provides nothing but hope that he’ll be back in action sooner than expected.