Clemson Not Shutting Down Voluntary Workouts After COVID-19 Breakout is Dangerous

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Clemson v Notre Dame
Clemson needs to wise up and shut workouts down | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

COVID-19 is not slowing down, as major college programs like LSU, Iowa, and Clemson have all felt the wrath of the virus. Clemson, in particular, has been ravaged by COVID-19, as there have been an astonishing 37 positive tests.

Even as nearly half the team has tested positive for the virus, there is no indication that the team is going to put a stop to their voluntary workouts.

Is making sure that the third-string receivers understand half of a page of the playbook in greater detail work risking the health of dozens of college students at these workouts?

It doesn't matter if the decree to keep working out came from Dabo Swinney himself, a group of veteran players, or one of the higher-ups in the athletic department. Someone needs to realize how the pandemic is roaring back to life in the South, and these workouts will only increase the chance that one of these players contracts the virus.

Clemson seemingly trying to make the whole team herd immune to the virus is a really backwards way to run a football program in a time of crisis. Before every last Tiger football player, some of whom might have major long-term effects from this infection, gets this virus, someone needs to shut these workouts down.