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3 Excuses Clemson Fans Will Use After Losing to LSU in National Championship

Dabo Swinney
Dabo Swinney coaching Clemson vs LSU | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

LSU outplayed Clemson is every facet of the game on Monday night in the National Championship. There's no harm in admitting that the better team won, especially when that squad has Joe Burrow. Yet, Clemson fans are notoriously stubborn (just like any college fanbase), and there are sure to be some common excuses pedaled by this group on Tuesday.

3. Trevor Lawrence Was off His Game

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence running vs LSU | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This was true! Lawrence looked nothing like the cold-blooded signal-caller we expected given his performance against Alabama last season. Burrow outplayed Lawrence, proving that maybe the likely 2021 No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick has some growing to do before he takes the next step. LSU's defense, specifically in the secondary, shut down Clemson including the likes of Justyn Ross and Tee Higgins in key moments. Let them have that.

2. James Skalski's Ejection

Justin Jefferson, Denzel Johnson
James Skalski was ejected vs LSU | Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Skalski is a bull of a linebacker and one of the leaders of Clemson's defense. Nonetheless, the Tigers were still reeling at this point as LSU had them on the ropes. Once Skalski left the game the floodgates opened, but there's no guarantee that had the call gone the other way, this scoreline would've been any closer. As competitive as Skalski is, he alone is not a game-breaker.

1. Pac-12 Officiating

Joe Burrow
College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Oh how easy this would be. Sure, there were some controversial calls that went against Clemson, but let's not forget they were the benefactors of those same errors to even make it to this point. While the targeting and OPI call, specifically, were atrocious, those alone did not cost Clemson. They only have themselves to blame.