Clayton Kershaw Calls Out Astros Owner Jim Crane for Lame Apology Over Sign Stealing

Clayton Kershaw ripped Astros owner Jim Crane for weak excuse of an apology.
Clayton Kershaw ripped Astros owner Jim Crane for weak excuse of an apology. | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The Houston Astros not only made themselves the enemies of the other 29 fan bases, but with their big league colleagues as well. That all happened once team owner Jim Crane displayed a total lack of accountability, boisterously saying the illegal electronic sign-stealing didn't have an impact on the game.

Cody Bellinger sent shockwaves throughout the nation for verbally eviscerating the Astros organization. However, he wasn't the only member of the Los Angeles Dodgers to do so.

When speaking with the media on Friday, ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw ripped Crane for "saying some dumb stuff" and being "ignorant to the situation."

No lies detected here.

Kershaw had been critical of Astros players showing zero remorse once they were found guilty of cheating back in January. After Thursday's debacle, the Dodgers No. 1 starter did give credit to some of Houston's players for giving a "good apology."

Regardless of what the players said, the sticking point of the whole press conference was Crane's completely tone-deaf comments. Crane said the team was sorry for "breaking the rules" not for cheating. Then, he claims sign-stealing by illegal means doesn't have a negative effect on the game, before declaring that the Astros won the 2017 World Series fair and square.

They didn't.

The benefit of the doubt is no longer on the table for the Astros. No matter how sorry the players are, they can thank their owner for getting 99 mph under the chin throughout the 2020 season.