VIDEO: CJ McCollum Takes Hilarious Shot at Jamal Murray for Sex Tape While on Instagram Live With Damian Lillard

Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum on Instagram Live
Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum on Instagram Live /

It's been a tough couple days for Jamal Murray. While (we certainly hope) he does not have COVID-19, the Nuggets superstar was "hacked" a sex tape was aired on his Instagram live. The jokes in the aftermath have rightfully been aimed at Murray, and unfortunately forced a reaction from his girlfriend. Despite all of this, fellow NBA stars are for the most part keeping their jokes on the DL, likely waiting for a chance to use them on the court as trash talk, rather than off of it to fuel our #content. Well, except for CJ McCollum.

CJ nooooo! Damian Lillard's reaction makes this video, as he realizes that thousands of NBA fans around the world were watching the teammates' exchange.

McCollum is one of the most vocal personalities in the NBA, especially on Twitter and with his own podcast. We shouldn't be surprised that he went there.

Unfiltered NBA is the best NBA. McCollum understands that more than most, and personally had me screaming "THIS LEAGUE" loud enough for my neighbors in the apartment below me to bang on the ceiling.

Happy quarantine, everyone!