Christian Yelich Calls Out ESPN for Using Out of Context Quote About 'Pity Party' After Knee Injury

Milwaukee Brewers superstar Christian Yelich isn't exactly pleased with the way that his season-ending kneecap injury was covered by the worldwide leader in sports.

An ESPN alert made reference to a "pity party" that Yelich threw for himself after fracturing his kneecap, leaving out the context in which he detailed the pain he had to go through in realizing that his season was over. He did not hold back, calling the story straight up clickbait.

Now that's not the nicest way to treat him after he posed for your magazine's Body Issue, is it?

Yelich, who saw his MVP-caliber season in which he hit .327 with 44 home runs, 97 RBI, and an MLB-best 1.100 OPS cut short, was talking about how difficult it was to overcome his first major injury and watch his team chase the playoffs from the dugout. Omitting that is crucial detail.

Yelich will not need surgery after the injury and is slated to come back to action before the start of next season. Until then, do not try to use Yelich's words against him to create a narrative.