Chris Godwin Reveals What He Traded for Tom Brady's No. 12

Chris Godwin revealed how Tom Brady convinced him to surrender the No. 12.
Chris Godwin revealed how Tom Brady convinced him to surrender the No. 12. / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

After two decades in the New England area, quarterback Tom Brady decided to head down to the warmer weather in Florida, but not to retire. Rather, he trekked down south to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The signing was a no brainer for Brady, considering the Bucs have one of the more stacked offenses in the NFL.

Brady did face one immediate roadblock upon joining the team, and that was trying to secure the No. 12 from receiver Chris Godwin.

During his appearance on The Checkdown on Thursday, Godwin revealed that he opted to give Brady his career-long number a few months ago after the quarterback promised to get him a Super Bowl win.

Godwin says he's going to hold Brady to that promise, because initially, the Bucs receiver wasn't too thrilled about surrendering the number. Godwin had worn those jersey digits dating all the way back to his high school playing days and during his time at Penn State.

But, of course, it's a different story once a six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback asks you to concede the number. After being convinced with potential championship rings, Godwin said he was "happy to do it." It's a wise career move, especially if he wants to see some extra targets from Brady this upcoming season.

Godwin has thrived early on in his career with an inconsistent signal caller in Jameis Winston throwing him the ball. We can only imagine how much better he's going to be with a cautious and reliable quarterback in Brady looking for him downfield.