VIDEO: Chris Bosh Brilliantly Edits Himself Into Iconic Wade-LeBron Miami Heat Dunk Photo

TikTok mastery from Chris Bosh
TikTok mastery from Chris Bosh

The photo of LeBron James finishing off a thunderous dunk as Dwyane Wade mugs to the camera is perhaps the most iconic single image of the Miami Heat's Big Three era. However, as was all too common in that era, superstar big man Chris Bosh was left out of the immortalized moment. Well, Bosh took it upon himself to change the past and used his editing wizardry on TikTok to finally create a version of the photo that suited him.

The most iconic photobomb in NBA history, now forever immortalized in TikTok form.

Bosh, who made 11 All-Star teams in his 13-year NBA career and had his No. 1 jersey retired in Miami, saw his career ended early due to a blood-clotting disorder. TikTok is apparently what Bosh has chosen as his post-basketball avenue, and his video tribute to LeBron James on the King's birthday was equally fantastic.

LeBron and Wade deservedly get most of the praise when it comes to the Big Three era in Miami, but those championships don't happen without Bosh's presence inside. From his dominant inside play on the court to his quirkiness off of it, Bosh will go down in both Heat and Raptors history.