Chiefs Inexplicably Voted Against Onside Kick Alternative That Patrick Mahomes Would've Dominated

Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid
Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and HC Andy Reid | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The NFL was previously considering abolishing its ridiculous onside kick and replacing it with giving teams the chance to retain possession by trying to convert a 4th-and-15 play from the 25-yard line. Such an installment would inject another element of excitement in the sport, but since the league is lame and resistant to change, it rejected the proposal.

What's even more shocking? The fact that the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the teams to vote against the alternative.

We've never been more befuddled than we are right now. The proposed blueprint was literally designed to benefit Kansas City and its electric offense. No team loves going deep more than the Chiefs, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes has an incredible knack for coming up big in clutch scenarios. Not only that, but Andy Reid is arguably the greatest offensive mind in the NFL. We hold no doubts that he had already taken the initiative to begin brainstorming plays for this exact circumstance.

Voting to keep the out-of-date onside kick rule -- that has a less than 10% chance of succeeding -- in place is one thing. Choosing to pass up the opportunity to give Mahomes a free chance at unleashing his superhuman arm strength is downright criminal.