Chiefs sign star TE Travis Kelce to a 2-year extension

KC fans are loving the news on Kelce
Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Remember when there was worry that the Kansas City Chiefs could be losing Travis Kelce to retirement this offseason? The All-Pro tight end wasted no time after winning the Super Bowl saying he'd be back, as Kelce wants a three-peat.

As it turns out, Kelce is now going to be under contract through the 2027 season. Whoa. On Monday morning, news broke that the Chiefs had signed the playmaker to a two-year extension, something fans are still celebrating.

Kelce is now the highest-paid tight end, which is something he fully deserves. Kelce has played a massive, massive role in helping Kansas City go back-to-back in capturing the Lombardi Trophy. Come 2024, we'll see if he indeed can help the Chiefs post the first three-peat in NFL history.