Chiefs Reportedly in Danger of Forfeiting Game vs Patriots Due to Insane Equipment Mishap

Andy Reid
Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans | Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The people responsible for the Kansas City Chiefs' equipment are probably going to be out of a job by Monday.

Apparently, some of the team's shoulder pads, helmets and footballs got sent to Newark, N.J. instead of Foxboro for their game against the New England Patriots. Yup, 35 players are said to be without some sort of equipment.

Foruntately, the equipment is being shipped to New England, and it is expected to arrive at the stadium in time for kickoff. However, if it doesn't make it there in time, by rule, the Chiefs would be forced to forfeit the game.

Having this type of mishap affect your day in preparation of getting ready to face one of the best teams in the NFL on the road isn't at all what Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes were expecting.

How in the heck can this happen? The game hasn't even started and the Pats already hold the mental advantage. Oh my.