Chiefs OL Mitchell Schwartz Had a Nearly Impossibly Perfect Postseason Protecting Pat Mahomes

Mitchell Schwartz
Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz | Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Every member of the Kansas City Chiefs is riding high today as a Super Bowl champion. Each one of them, right down to the analysts and support staff, will get fitted for a Super Bowl ring. But only one man, right tackle Mitchell Schwartz, can boast a sort of singular achievement that leaps off the stat sheet so outrageously that it defies the encoding in one's brain.

Throughout the entirety of the 2020 NFL Playoffs, across 140 pass blocking snaps, Schwartz surrendered zero sacks, zero knockdowns, and just two quarterback hurries on Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes, notes Pro Football Focus.

Three games. 140 relevant snaps. Two hurries. Sheesh

That doesn't seem possible, but PFF doesn't mess around when it comes to crunching numbers. And clearly, Schwartz didn't mess around when it came to making sure that last year's league MVP's jersey stayed clean when the games mattered most this sason.

It's customary for a QB to show love for his o-line with expensive gifts and major shows of appreciation after big wins and milestones. Schwartz, who's been an All-Pro for four straight seasons, deserves a different kind of accolade entirely.

Forget about 50 years; Schwartz pitched a perfect game three weeks in a row. Seriously, get this guy a private island or something, Pat.