Chiefs Fan Curses Team With Premature Super Bowl Tattoo

Sports fans just love to tempt fate, don't they?

One Kansas City Chiefs fan committed one of the classic blunders of the arrogant supporter and has all but assured his team's failure for the upcoming season with a premature Super Bowl tattoo. Take a look for yourself:

The Chiefs are officially cursed for the 2019 NFL season, and it's all thanks to this man's arm dubbing the Chiefs Super Bowl LIV champions.

When you couple this with the fact that the team's star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on the cover of Madden this year, it's safe to assume that luck isn't going to be on Kansas City's side in 2019.

Tattoos like this almost never work out. If anything, they're one of the top ways a fan can ensure the team they love so much fails to meet expectations.

This man had better apologize to the rest of the Chiefs faithful for his ill-advised actions.

Keep this one bookmarked, folks, because it may very well be brought up in January if the Chiefs end up blowing it in the postseason, if they even make it.