Chicago Wolves' Stefan Matteau is the Toughest Athlete on the Damn Planet

Vancouver Canucks v Vegas Golden Knights
Vancouver Canucks v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller

Stefan Matteau, a forward for the Las Vegas Golden Knights AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves, put just about everything on the line in pursuit of a Calder Cup. Matteau is the son of Stéphane, a member of the 1994 New York Rangers Stanley Cup team known for scoring one of the biggest goals in the franchise's history.

Well Stefan didn't exactly score a huge goal in the NHL Conference Finals like his dad. He did, however, show that he is one of the toughest athletes on the planet with an insane display of commitment.

Yep, that's right. A lacerated kidney. He played through a lacerated kidney.

Despite his team about to go down 3-1 in the series, Matteau fought through a brutal injury to help out his team. Since getting his start with the New Jersey Devils, Matteau has been sent back and forth between the NHL and AHL a number of times. In each of his active seasons, Matteau hasn't quite been able to prove himself at the NHL level.

It's clear, however, that regardless of the league he plays in Matteau is a guy you want on your team. Even when he's battling a lacerated kidney.

Matteau was indispensable for Chicago in the postseason, and especially in the Calder Cup Finals. From scoring the overtime game-winning-goal in Game 1 to playing through a lacerated kidney in Game 4, Matteau did just about everything to help his team win a championship.

If you didn't think so before, Stefan Matteau helped prove that hockey players are one of the toughest breeds in the world.