Charles Barkley Claims He Played a Game Drunk After He Thought He Was Traded to the Lakers

Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns waves to fans
Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns | Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Charles Barkley was playing games with a poorly-conditioned 280 pound frame, and he was still almost unstoppable. Even when he was inebriated, he was still able to at least make some plays on the court.

After Barkley demanded a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers, he thought he was dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers at the 1992 deadline, which prompted an afternoon of celebrating. Unfortunately, the trade fell through, and Barkley had to play a game that night while drunk.

The best guess for which game this was has to be Feb. 12 against the Nets, as it was before the trade deadline. Barkley put up just six points with seven assists and nine rebounds while allowing 43 points on defense.

Barkley left Philadelphia after the organization refused to get him players better than Mike Gminski and Hershey Hawkins. With the Phoenix Suns, Barkley won an MVP and made it to an NBA Finals after landing on a team with Kevin Johnson at point guard and Dan Majerle on the wing.

Barkley completely wasted was still better than a good chunk of power forwards in the league sober. Only Sir Charles could actually get away with something like this.