Charles Barkley Just Got a Tiny Little Statue at Sixers Facility and it's Creeping us All Out

Alright, before you look at the picture, to be fair, it might just be the camera angle that's tricking you.

Charles Barkley, the round mound of rebound, was honored with a roughly two-thirds scale statue at his old squad's HQ, and the picture chronicling the moment was not a flattering one.

If you zoom in with your phone or laptop, it seems like he's actually just touching the statue's leg, just to admire it, but, sadly, anyone over the age of 11 sees something much different.

Now, one can only imagine where the Inside the NBA crew will be going with this when the season tips off in a few weeks. Also, 2/3 scale is not treating Chuck well. It's minuscule!

As great as Chuck is, he doesn't always tend to say or do the right thing.

Once again, to be fair, Barkley might have had a better reason for reaching towards "mini-me" than the photo might suggest.

This picture is definitely kinder to the Chuckster. The Basketball Hall of Famer is going on 20 years as an NBA analyst on TNT since his retirement, and will continue to feud with Shaq and bring us hilarious joy.