Charles Barkley Hasn't Revealed Results of Coronavirus Test and NBA Fans Are Nervous

NBA legend Charles Barkley
NBA legend Charles Barkley / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

With the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continuing to grow, more and more celebrities and athletes are publicly announcing that they're infected. Last Thursday, NBA legend Charles Barkley revealed on NBA on TNT that he had to be self-quarantined out of fear that he had been exposed to the deadly virus.

However, what started as a useful, firsthand account from a trusted figure of what it's like to be in the waiting period, has turned into a point of fear for Barkley's fans as the waiting period grows. Nearly a week later, he still hasn't revealed the results of his test.

"I'm just kind of in limbo right now," he said way back on March 12th. "I'm hoping, I'm really hoping it's just a bug."

Fans of the Hall of Famer are in limbo, too. A coronavirus test takes only a day or so to return results, generally. Given the quick turnaround on tests for other NBA stars like Rudy Gobert, fans have become convinced that Barkley knows his results, and they just haven't been made public.

Barkley is under no obligation to report his test results, but fans are worried nonetheless. The coronavirus pandemic has been scary for everyone, and a public admission of concern that hasn't been followed up on is sure to cause more fear on behalf of a beloved NBA icon.

At least Barkley's doing the right thing and isolating, no matter the test results.