Chargers Couldn't Even Find Enough Fans to Fill NFL Draft Live Feed

The Los Angeles Chargers don't have many fans.
The Los Angeles Chargers don't have many fans. /

The NFL is doing its best to incorporate the fans during this year's virtual draft. One fun thing the league is doing is having fans of every team get on a webcam and appear behind Roger Goodell when he announces the pick for each respective team.

Some fans have looked more excited than others throughout the evening, but the presence of the diehards was more of an afterthought throughout. That was, until the Los Angeles Chargers were on the clock, and the screen behind Goodell wasn't even filled with the allotted 12 fans necessary to take up every spot.

This is just the latest sad story in Chargers lore.

The team routinely played in front of opposing fans in a soccer stadium last year. Chargers fans were hard to find throughout 2019, and that remained true during the draft. How could they not find 12 people? Were three team employees too busy to make the team not look so lonely?

Some NFL fans may think the team is still in San Diego at this point. The Chargers are already the second team in Los Angeles, and we must all show some respect for the fans who did show up on webcam to support the team.

Given the last few years, it is almost shocking some opposing fans didn't find their way onto the screen.