Celtics Should Pursue D'Angelo Russell if and When Kyrie Irving Departs for the Nets

Brooklyn Nets v Sacramento Kings
Brooklyn Nets v Sacramento Kings

While the NBA Finals are still ongoing, much of the talk around the league surrounds the upcoming free agency period this summer. And perhaps the majority of that talk involves Kyrie Irving now that Kevin Durant has succumbed to a truly unfortunate injury.

The star point guard has chosen to hit the open market rather than pick up his option with the Boston Celtics, and the latest buzz contends that Irving will sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

So, what are the Celtics to do. Well, why not pursue the Nets' All-Star point guard from 2018-19?

Nets fans around the nation actually believe that the team can keep both Russell and Irving on the roster, while also utilizing a max contract spot on a top free agent, perhaps even the wounded Durant. Let's be real here, though-- that's not possible, and Russell would likely have to take a pay cut in order to stay.

If Russell proved anything this season, it's that he's a top point guard in the NBA. After the Los Angeles Lakers gave up on him, Russell made them regret that decision during his second season with the Nets.

This season, Russell averaged a career-high in points (21.2), assists (7.0), rebounds (3.9), and minutes (30.2). When comparing those stats with Irving, they are relatively identical. But in the big picture, there's no reason to believe that two ball-dominant point guards that play little defense make any sense on the same team.

Adding Russell would make a lot of sense for the Celtics. They get a young point guard still ascending into his prime to tag along with fellow rising stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who can both pick up the defensive slack.

Considering Russell is a restricted free agent, the Celtics would have to bid enough money to ensure that the Nets aren't able to match. If the Nets choose to renounce his rights, Boston can enter full contract negotiations.

Either way, it would ultimately be worth it for the Boston Celtics in order to secure their point guard of the future while ridding themselves of the polarizing Uncle Drew.