Jayson Tatum Got a Massive and Strange New Back Tattoo With One Slight Problem

Jayson Tatum has some questionable new ink
Jayson Tatum has some questionable new ink /

Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum can do no wrong...ON the court at least.

Tatum has a passion for getting bold tattoos seemingly every other week, and his latest piece is sure to be his most divisive yet. Tatum decided to get "GODS WILL" plastered all across his back and shoulders, along with a Bible verse beneath it. And no, there's no apostrophe there.

Let's hope he feels the same about this tattoo in 20 years as he does now.

Tatum's basketball prowess is much more visually pleasing to look at than his body art. Tatum was an All-Star after averaging 22.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game in his first season without Kyrie Irving. Under Brad Stevens, he is only going to keep improving and adding more tools to his already-multifaceted style of play.

You might not know it by watching him play, but Tatum is still only 21 years old. Getting that plastered all across your back is exactly the type of stunt a 21-year-old nearly on top of the basketball world would pull off.

It's the will of the Gods. All of them.